Tuesday, 31 March 2015

3 Indie Shops That Get It Right

For a very long time, I have preferred buying from smaller independent brands over huge, mass producing chains. I've worked for an independent retailer for 7 years now and doing so has only made me love little boutiques all the more.

Why buy from small shops/independents? In this day and age, I think it makes sense to be fussy about who is deserving of your money and support. The high street is fun, but original, creative and experience-orientated it usually is not. I love independent shops as you are far more likely to get good service, innovative pieces and a truly personal touch.

Today's roundup of indie shops are all online (some of my faves aren't, but if you fancy hearing about them in another post I am happy to oblige!) Please do feel free to give them a gander and let me know of any independent shops you are obsessed with!



My most recent addiction. Every morning, I kid you not, I wake up and check the New Arrivals page as I am deeply in love with Kate's fantastic taste. Brands I've heard of (Rifle Paper Co., Livework and Secret Holiday Co.) bump heads with plenty I've yet to sink my teeth into. Beautifully curated with dreamy homeware, stationery and gift ideas.
On my wishlist: Rifle Co. Weekly Planner, Danish Wall Shelf, Vintage Scissors


Chelsea of ChelseaWears clearly has the greatest taste of just about any human ever, as everything on Anomie is to die for. You would be amazed how many trends her lovely little store has sparked and it is no wonder: designer home and fashion brands are stylishly displayed and perfectly chosen. I regularly consider going bankrupt while browsing this site.
On my wishlist: Everything. Specifically, Base Range Lady Bra, Opal Pip Ring, Pommes Frites Summer Breeze Candle


I've been following Leney's beautiful blog for a while now (it recently got the most stunning facelift, get ready to have the happiest browsing sesh of your life) and the last few weeks have seen me yearning to own each and every beautiful knitwear piece in her lovely shop. I just love the idea of owning something made by someone I can put a face to; it really makes a piece feel more personal. If you love gorgeous and well designed knits, she has got something for you.
On my wishlist: Knit Crop Top Sweater, Explorers Club Cowl, Nomad Mittens

So gang, what do you think? Are you choosing to buy from indie shops (or has this post inspired you to look for some?!) Let me know of any that you are loving at the moment down in the comments, you gorgeous people!


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