Tuesday, 10 March 2015

RECIPE: Oreo Milkshake

love me a good sweet treat (can you tell?) and this easy "recipe" was one that my gorge housemates kept making and I totally fell for.

As with all recipes I go for, it is easy, cheap and hella tasty; basically a complete win in my books!


Around 200ml of vanilla ice cream per person
4-5 oreos per person
A few splashes of milk, depending how thick you'd like it
A blender


Pop your oreos in a freezer bag, secure it well, then break them up as much as you can. Your blender will thank you.


Pop in some ice cream, milk and some of your massacred oreos and start blending. (GO HEAVIER ON THE ICE CREAM to start with. Less is more child, you don't want to break the poor blender.) Take your time, keeping your hand on the blender lid to avoid messy disasters, stopping to stir if things get stuck.


Do Step Two again really, adding all the ingredients gradually until the desired thickness has been reached - for runnier shakes, you'll want to add more milk.


Pour into your serving glasses - I went for a jar because they are hella cute. For an optional touch of that lil summin' summin', separate a few oreos, put them back into your freezer bag leaving the cream halves out (you can eat them) and bash up again until you have a little crumble/powder. Cut a small hole into the bottom corner of your freezer bag and carefully tap so you get a nice dusting on top.


Drink. You can keep them in the fridge if needed as this size serving was a little decadent for yours truly!

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And there you have it crew! Do please let me know if you try this recipe, I think your tastebuds will definitely thank you! ;)


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