Tuesday, 31 March 2015

3 Indie Shops That Get It Right

For a very long time, I have preferred buying from smaller independent brands over huge, mass producing chains. I've worked for an independent retailer for 7 years now and doing so has only made me love little boutiques all the more.

Why buy from small shops/independents? In this day and age, I think it makes sense to be fussy about who is deserving of your money and support. The high street is fun, but original, creative and experience-orientated it usually is not. I love independent shops as you are far more likely to get good service, innovative pieces and a truly personal touch.

Today's roundup of indie shops are all online (some of my faves aren't, but if you fancy hearing about them in another post I am happy to oblige!) Please do feel free to give them a gander and let me know of any independent shops you are obsessed with!



My most recent addiction. Every morning, I kid you not, I wake up and check the New Arrivals page as I am deeply in love with Kate's fantastic taste. Brands I've heard of (Rifle Paper Co., Livework and Secret Holiday Co.) bump heads with plenty I've yet to sink my teeth into. Beautifully curated with dreamy homeware, stationery and gift ideas.
On my wishlist: Rifle Co. Weekly Planner, Danish Wall Shelf, Vintage Scissors


Chelsea of ChelseaWears clearly has the greatest taste of just about any human ever, as everything on Anomie is to die for. You would be amazed how many trends her lovely little store has sparked and it is no wonder: designer home and fashion brands are stylishly displayed and perfectly chosen. I regularly consider going bankrupt while browsing this site.
On my wishlist: Everything. Specifically, Base Range Lady Bra, Opal Pip Ring, Pommes Frites Summer Breeze Candle


I've been following Leney's beautiful blog for a while now (it recently got the most stunning facelift, get ready to have the happiest browsing sesh of your life) and the last few weeks have seen me yearning to own each and every beautiful knitwear piece in her lovely shop. I just love the idea of owning something made by someone I can put a face to; it really makes a piece feel more personal. If you love gorgeous and well designed knits, she has got something for you.
On my wishlist: Knit Crop Top Sweater, Explorers Club Cowl, Nomad Mittens

So gang, what do you think? Are you choosing to buy from indie shops (or has this post inspired you to look for some?!) Let me know of any that you are loving at the moment down in the comments, you gorgeous people!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

DIY: Inspirational Quote Jar + Download!

If you're looking for a way to add some inspiration to your morning, this DIY is definitely for you!

The girls and I have had a quote jar in the kitchen since January and I have really looked forward to opening a quote each morning. It's super simple to make, but all things are more fun in video montage form so I filmed the process for you anyway:

I've made you a PDF with some quotes to get you started - simply print out, cut up and add to your jar! If you are after more to add later, Brainy Quote is a great resource; my favourite authors are Gandhi, Oscar Wilde and Audrey Hepburn.

Will you guys be making your own jars? What do you do for some daily inspiration? Let me know in the comments as always!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lessons Learnt From Knitting

This year has seen me fall hard and fast for knitting, something I had tried as a child but not really got into beyond a few weeks.

So far I have made some very questionable phone cases and I just finished a navy blue snood, which is ginormous but something I am very proud of.

If you have yet to pick up those needles, or have learnt previously but have forgotten its majesty, this post is for you!


I made more mistakes than I can count making my snood, but thankfully knitting errors (certainly the ones I have made!) are reversible and it was actually super satisfying to go back and find you've sorted your mistake.


I bought four skeins of this wool for my snood and some 10mm wooden needles and all together they clocked in at about £30-35 pounds. I definitely didn't think it would be that expensive when I started, but...


The simple act of knitting is an incredibly calming one and I have really enjoyed doing so as a way to switch off my mind at night. I have also realised that if I wanted to buy a handmade snood from 100% wool of this size, it would definitely cost more than my materials, which is something!


It's fascinating; I never used to see fashion as anything but fun, but now I am also obsessed with the quality of a garment, what it is made with, where it is from and how long it will last. I'm definitely on the hunt for folks that make and sell their own pieces, so shout if there are any on your radar!


I am honestly not sure how to progress from where I am at as I can knit a couple of basic stitches, cast on and off, but I am clueless as to reading a pattern and what new stitches I should be mastering. Any guidance you guys have would be amazing on this one! Also listening to the Woolful Podcast has been amazingly inspiring, I highly recommend if you are a knitter of any level.

Have you guys ever bust out the knitting needles? If you have, what advice would you share?


Saturday, 21 March 2015

VIDEO: A Weekend Vlog

Well hello hello! Today's post is my vlog of a lush weekend, featuring food, food and more food. I had the most magnifique time with my old pal Jono (he has a Tumblr if you are into weird grungy stuff, I am pretty sure he won't mind me saying that) and the famalam at home... Enjoy!


Thursday, 19 March 2015


I'm back with an Annagram for you guys - if you like pun based catch up posts then this series is for you - and it's been a really good week or so... Let's do this!


Are you guys signed up for the Deepak Chopra Success Meditation Course? I am signed up and ready to rumble and plan on doing the first today. I will be sure to let you guys know how I get on -  my gorgeous gal Tasha and I did one of these courses last year and I loved it; worth looking into as guided meditations aren't often free and this good!


More dreamy times in Winchester. God I love that place. This time my bud Jono and I went to the loveliest indie cafe (the Forte Tearooms to be precise) and nearly died of how amazing the food was - we both had the artichoke soup with focaccia and it was literally the best soup in the world. I cannot understate how majestic it was.


We then had fun gig times in the pub and it was hilar - I have a vlog coming of this weekend if you are keen to see it!


Gorgeous Mother's Day pre-dinner with Mum and Dad. It was fabulous. I would like every meal to involve salmon fishcakes and poached eggs from now on. Also tulips are my world right now.


This snood is now HUGE and almost too big to photograph, but I am LOVING the whole knitting process - today I spent far too long trying to get it done! Are you guys knitters? After our Easter break, some of the lovely gals from my uni are going to be holding a knitting club each week and I am so excited.


A gorgeous countryside walk... Is anything better?

How are you guys doing? I hope you all had lovely weeks whatever you were up to, feel free to tell me about them in the comments!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DIY: Photo Washing Line

There ain't no point taking photos if you've not found a way of displaying them nicely!

This post is a crazy simple one, simply to get you inspired to print out some of your favourite snaps, and display them in an adorable way.

This is absurdly easy if you have a picture rail like I do, as you can simply push in some drawing pins or bung in some nails, then knot at each end with some string before moving on to pegging. I went for these pegs as they were absurdly cheap and so far, so very, very good!

A photo posted by Anna (@byhermirror) on

I pegged up my favourite shots I took with my black and white film and actually love the monochrome works together - Mum's postcard from Liberty really fits in well. I reckon I'm going to have another one with colour ones too.

The best bit? You can change them up any time you like!

What do you guys think of this idea? Have you got any snaps that need showing off too?


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Life Unplugged


I care a lot about our relationship with the internet; as the digital world spreads into more and more areas of our lives, my concern grows. I'm learning that while there are aspects of the digital world that bring me joy (hint: this blog is one of them) this year has seen me realise that I need to re-assess my relationship with the online world.

It's not been easy - especially for someone who leans more on the introverted side of the spectrum - but I've started to make an effort to push things back into balance, so I thought I'd share the things that were working out for me. As they say, sharing really is caring and I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Here are the habits I've been setting myself:

- I log out of apps on my phone
- I close idle tabs and programs on my laptop
- I turned my default new tab site to a blank page, rather than a distracting website
- I steer clear of technology in the hour or two before bed
- I have hobbies that involve being away from a screen (reading, baking and knitting - this girl knows how to party)

What do you guys think? Do you agree we need to be careful with our relationship towards technology, or am I going crazy? ;) Let me know in the comments!


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

RECIPE: Oreo Milkshake

love me a good sweet treat (can you tell?) and this easy "recipe" was one that my gorge housemates kept making and I totally fell for.

As with all recipes I go for, it is easy, cheap and hella tasty; basically a complete win in my books!


Around 200ml of vanilla ice cream per person
4-5 oreos per person
A few splashes of milk, depending how thick you'd like it
A blender


Pop your oreos in a freezer bag, secure it well, then break them up as much as you can. Your blender will thank you.


Pop in some ice cream, milk and some of your massacred oreos and start blending. (GO HEAVIER ON THE ICE CREAM to start with. Less is more child, you don't want to break the poor blender.) Take your time, keeping your hand on the blender lid to avoid messy disasters, stopping to stir if things get stuck.


Do Step Two again really, adding all the ingredients gradually until the desired thickness has been reached - for runnier shakes, you'll want to add more milk.


Pour into your serving glasses - I went for a jar because they are hella cute. For an optional touch of that lil summin' summin', separate a few oreos, put them back into your freezer bag leaving the cream halves out (you can eat them) and bash up again until you have a little crumble/powder. Cut a small hole into the bottom corner of your freezer bag and carefully tap so you get a nice dusting on top.


Drink. You can keep them in the fridge if needed as this size serving was a little decadent for yours truly!

A photo posted by Anna (@byhermirror) on

And there you have it crew! Do please let me know if you try this recipe, I think your tastebuds will definitely thank you! ;)


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Instagram Of The Month: KantyPhotographers

I do love a good Insta and I always get so excited to share these posts with you! This month's Instagram Spotlight is being shone upon the wonderfully talented KantyPhotograpers - a professional photographer couple living in Munich. Their photos are not only beautiful, they also come with a sense of humour and a ton of snaps of the area where I worked as an aupair, so things just feel even more dreamy!

If you love office and interior inspiration, this is an account for you...

Let me know what you guys think - and please share any equally dreamy accounts below too of course ;) !


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