Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Books I Read This Month

...that you may want to read too!

Guys, I've been reading. For pleasure. Not something that has happened on a regular basis over the last three years, I am ashamed to admit; uni seems to have a magic gift for eating up all my fun reading time. A big shout out has to go out to my girl Ellie for lending me such sweet reads this September; it's been a great month for bedtime stories, I'm telling you!

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro 
I've already written a mini review on this book here as it's one of those novels that left me desperate to talk to someone about it... As you'll see from that post, it wasn't my cup of tea, for very good reason; but it's still a powerful read.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
I don't often bust a chuckle when reading books, but this did have me beaming and even giggling away while reading on the bus to work. I definitely think I would have loved this even more as a teen, but I still felt it was a hugely enjoyable read and a nice healthy antidote to traditional adventure tales.

Chocolat by Joanne Harris
This novel is as delicious as you would hope, given its title. The language of this one was what had me hooked: "literary feast" is a term that has never been more relevant, let me tell you. It's also good to see that style did not triumph over substance, as this book is as more-ish as its namesake, with every page tempting you into the next. I loved it; I can't wait to buy my own copy and read it again in a few months.

Calling Me Home by Julie Kiebler
This is one of those stories that I wish I had written. Simple but powerful stuff, I felt it handled lots of issues really well; and I loved the relationship between the two narrators.

Please do let me know if you've read any of these - and if you have any recommendations!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Week in Photos #6

Swooning over Betty's in Harrogate | The view from our hotel | A sad drive home
Missing my room already! | Now officially working remote | Oh Bertie Boo look at you
Enjoying the morning light in my otherwise super dark room | WAFFLES | Lunch with the most gorge gals evz

Saturday, 27 September 2014

September Lifestyle Favourites

I've really enjoyed this month... It's been a bittersweet one as good times were jumbled up with slightly sadder ones... can there be a law against saying goodbye to people? I've also found some great lifestyle favourites this month, that I cannae wait to share with you...

On TV: I've had a phase of watching feel-good comedies this month and Brooklyn 99 was a real hit for me. I'm pretty sure it's made with some of the people who made Parks and Recreaction, so if you love Parks and Rec you'll be into this too I reckon!
On the big screen: My big brother made us all watch The Grand Budapest Hotel and I absolutely loved it. In fact I spent the whole time exclaiming about how French it was, as it's easily as quirky as a good Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.
On my bedside table: My favourite read this month was definitely Chocolat by Joanne HarrisIt's a stunning delicious read... check out this post for more of my thoughts on this and other reads from September!
On my iPod: I am obsessed with this beautiful song by Aux Verba. The CHILLS. The beautiful chills.
On YouTube: Cloudy Apples is amazing and if you've missed out on her funny and insightful videos, I suggest you spend today catching up... She's a babe.
On Bloglovin: How have I only just found Bless The Weather? So gorgeous, so stylish, it's a blog I'm happy to get lost in... Ditto The Dauphine. OH boy do you need to read if you don't already...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Few Stylish Additions

Leather jacket peplum Top Oh My Clumsy Heart Necklace

Guys, I'm a shameless spendaholic.


But I'm an honest spendaholic, so I'm about to divulge the delicious deets of my tasty crimes.

Let's do this.

Peplum Action
Despite being somewhat petite in my derriere, I failed to grasp that peplum styles are the ONE if you want to fake a far more fabulous booty than nature bequeathed you. This sexy momma is from H&M and it cost me a mere £12.99 (similar ones here and here). A small price to pay for self esteem. Hands up if you can name the show responsible for that quote. It is beautiful and I feel sophisticated without even trying... and as far as I am concerned, that is the dream in life.

Leather Jacket (OOOOSH)
This wins the award for the most impulsive purchase of the month, hands down. My first leather jacket is not actually made of leather (not gonna lie there was no way an actual leather one was a good idea with how often I spill stuff) but it is from Zara and it is amazing. In my humble opinion. Here is your link if you feel like snoopin'. This was purchased with a little encouragement from Ellie, who assures me I need it and will wear it always. I'm not gonna lie, I'm writing this the day after and I already agree with her.

Oh My Clumsy Heart NecklaceOh My Clumsy Heart Perfection
Yep, I bought two. Call me crazy, but I fell head over heels with this two, which were part of the OMCH secret sale... This ring necklace is very similar to the one pictured, and is also from OMCH; meanwhile this beautiful necklace on Anomie is the necklace that inspired the bar necklace purchase. I love them as dearly as if they were my own children*.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little style post - which of these pieces was your fave?

*joke stolen from Ellie - I love you girl

Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Week In Photos #5

HELLO US BEAUTY HAUL | Became a clichéd cactus owner | Also a clichéd Moleskine owner
 Lunch with my bestie | Snapping photos of everything on a walk with Dad | Ahh village life
Getting more and more into Le Blanc De Chanel | It's offish, scones = the new crême brulée | Am I Simon Larsen yet?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Week In Photos #4

I'm warning you now, this one is going to be longer than usual! Also I am really considering making these a weekly thing... Is that cool with you guys? Do let me know.

The week I am showing you involved a healthy dose of bestie time with my gal Ells (may or may not have filmed a tutorial on her...) a good amount of work which was not photographed and a gorge trip to a fair, church and country house with my momma and her bro Leslie.

Let me retell that story visually for ya:

A rare good liner day must be selfied | Rimmel polish lovin' | These turned into some mega cakes
Ells picking apples | Bloody brill bench this one | Also in Ells' garden
Brush laundry at last | Love me a sky pic | Getting cosy with LM Crème Brûlée

This deck looks much better in B&W | What a hedge | Tried for a complex landscape shot
Oosh | Love me this fountain | Windows are always picturesque
Beautiful church floor | Another gorgeous window | Really lovely church all round!

Scones are now my world | This clock just stopped time for me | My new dining room table
Bulrushes in an allotment as ya do | Just my grand piano, lookin fly | My falconry team
One of my gardens | Found this sink, was weirdly into it | The view from my bed

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

If You Do One Thing This Month... #4

Bake something!

GBBO has been on our screens which means the urge to don my apron and make a mess in our kitchen is stronger than ever, so when Lizzie came to stay at the end of August, we decided to give macarons a shot.

We have a confession... ours were out of a packet from Sainsburys, but they tasted great and have re-ignited my desire to make them from scratch again!

If you bake anything this month, you should totally tweet it to me and I will commend your efforts (I promise to be far kinder than Paul Hollywood).