Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Skincare Journey

Today we're going on a trip down memory lane, taking a not-so-nostalgic look back on my skincare journey - from spot-ridden 12 year old armed with frothy nightmare cleansers, to a far less spotty 22 year old with quite the skincare history.

Let's delve into it, shall we?


Initially things looked good; my 12 year old birthday party involved a girly facial session in my living room, which tells you as much about me as you're ever likely to need to know! But then 12 year old Anna had her first, volcanic experiences of facial puberty and endeavoured to fight fire with fire. The result? More blemishes, with the joyous addition of desert dry, painful skin. I ditched the foamy cleansers and I've never looked back.


From around 13 onwards, with my babysitting dosh and £20 monthly allowance in hand, I made Lush my second home. I read more copies of Lush Times than you've had hot dinners. I knew the layout of my local Lush shop better than I knew (and still know) the geography of my local town. My adoration progressed from bath bombs to skincare, with Baby Face Cleanser, Tea Tree Toner Water and Celestial Moisturiser forming the backbone of my routine (propped up by generous slatherings of Cupcake Face Mask). It was a joyous, joyous time in my life.


With the extremely delayed arrival of my boobs came an unwelcome bout of moderate acne. You can imagine what a muddling time this was. I bid farewell to Lush (and regular use of moisturiser... I know, I was an impressionable young soul) and moved on to heavier options. Duac antibiotic cream and I got on well, but the effects didn't last; my efforts to take oral antibiotics never really wowwed me. Around this time however I was introduced to my truest of loves, Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser; it was a bright light during an otherwise dark time.


After some well chosen contraception kicked my skin into much better shape, I found myself largely blemish free... and how did I celebrate? By assaulting my newly clear skin with a Clarisonic every ten minutes (slight exaggeration but not far from the truth). Things got sensitive but I was so addicted to having freakishly smooth skin that I ignored all common sense and ploughed onwards. I've not touched mine for about a year now; I'm not 100% against it, but don't have the cashflow to splurge on a head every three months so it is waiting for less student-y days.


*crosses fingers and prays I do not jinx myself* The last six months or so has seen me make some awesome decisions regarding my skin. If you're after a rundown of what tips I have been using and loving, this post is for you - I've shared my little guide of what has made the biggest difference to my acne and jolly happy I am too. Not on the list, but just as effective, was my choice to apply all my skincare with a cotton bud, minimising the chance to add bacteria onto my blemishes. It's really, really helped so far. I've also realised that the expensive skincare I indulged in (during the Over Exfoliation Period) wasn't all that, that less really is more and that alcohol and lavender oil do not belong on my face. It's been a hell of a ride.

So, crew, can you relate to any of my more moronic skincare decisions? And do you have any tips you'd like to share? Shout them out in the comments because I would love to hear them!


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