Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DIY: Photo Washing Line

There ain't no point taking photos if you've not found a way of displaying them nicely!

This post is a crazy simple one, simply to get you inspired to print out some of your favourite snaps, and display them in an adorable way.

This is absurdly easy if you have a picture rail like I do, as you can simply push in some drawing pins or bung in some nails, then knot at each end with some string before moving on to pegging. I went for these pegs as they were absurdly cheap and so far, so very, very good!

A photo posted by Anna (@byhermirror) on

I pegged up my favourite shots I took with my black and white film and actually love the monochrome works together - Mum's postcard from Liberty really fits in well. I reckon I'm going to have another one with colour ones too.

The best bit? You can change them up any time you like!

What do you guys think of this idea? Have you got any snaps that need showing off too?


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