Monday, 30 May 2016

Thank You, May

I'm writing this on a beautiful Sunday evening, with a very warm and sleepy Oscar asleep on my lap. In the blink of an eye, I've finished at my job and it's a matter of days before my US adventure; where did all that time go?!


I am of course very excited, but I am thankful too for what a wonderful month this May turned out to be... As well as a beautiful sunny in Bristol at the start of the month, I thoroughly enjoyed  my solo trip to London and had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Siobhan from Bless The Weather. Amazingly, it was the first time I'd ever met a blogging friend in person and it was a total joy; Siobhan and I wandered around Exmouth Market and how I managed to leave without stealing her adorable little girl Rory is a complete mystery...

I also had an amazing time at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  If you were following me on Snapchat - my username is byhermirror - you saw a few sneaky peeks at what is an essential day out for HP nerds. My favourite part was seeing the Weasley kitchen, and the fabulous magical knitting device pictured above. If you're not following along with my Snaps already, I'd head over because this Friday will see me heading to spend a week in gorgeous New York and I truly couldn't be more excited!

May wasn't without is lows, however... I try to avoid making my life appear to be a white-washed, perfect version of reality on this blog, so I think it is worth mentioning that this month was also one of the most stressful I've ever had: comparable to exam season of university at times. I suppose I am trying to say that we should never, ever assume someone is doing amazing because they have a few more shiny pennies in their life, as Jess Lively would say. My big lesson was that I need to learn to manage my time and my mental wellbeing better, and to say no when I really, really need to as I seem to get more migraines when I am overdoing it!

But that aside, let's move on to some of my favourite discoveries of the last thirty or so days...

I am so close to moving to Bristol and this burger from Three Brothers has a lot to do with it...



I fell hard and fast for Carrie's blog One Pleasant Day; beautiful photography and wonderful lifestyle content in abundance.

I'm obviously obsessed with listening to Lemonade and hearing reactions and critiques about it too... (My favourite track is Six Inch by the way!) I loved the dissection of the album that came from this episode of the podcast Sampler.

I've been finding myself increasingly drawn to blogs that push the envelope and showcase great writing and this post from The Guilty Girl was one of my favourite reads from this month.

I really enjoyed following along with #mymonthofselfcare, a beautiful project started by Siobhan and Eva. Its sentiment is beautiful and so apt for me at the moment; I loved reading their introduction posts too (Siobhan's is here and Eva's is here).

This episode of The One You Feed is pure magic.

I'm already devastated about my wonderful husband Barack no longer being US president and this really isn't helping.

And last but not least -  my new yoga instructor is amazing.


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Thank you as always for your patience - things are set to be a little inconsistent for the moment on this space, but I'll be blogging and vlogging as regularly as I can manage! Take care and let's hope we all have a beautiful June...

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