Saturday, 28 June 2014

VIDEO: A Fun Weekend Vlog

My queen Lizzie came to stay so I filmed it and put music on it and it was great.

If you like animals, this one is a reworking of Dr Dolittle so you're gonna love it. Probably. A thousand brownie points to anyone who counts how many beautiful creatures are features of this vid.

Friday, 27 June 2014

It's A Ring Thing

So over the last few weeks I've developed a bit of a jewellery obsession... And at the moment, it's rings I can't get enough of. I started gathering a little collection for myself from Dixi, who impressed with their great Instagram, regular discounts and speedy delivery. This post is obviously not sponsored but I still wanted to show you my favourites!

Endless Infinity Heart Knot Ring - £6
La Lune Ring - no longer available! Gutted! The Wanderlust Ring is a similar idea though - £14
Wishbone Midi Ring - £8

Night Visions Ring in Antiqued Silver + Moonstone - £10

Plain Band Midi Ring in Silver - £8

And there you have them (sorry for my sad, cut off nails by the way!) I am obsessed with these rings and am still wanting more (the rose gold rings have me tempted!)

Where do you shop for your jewellery? Actual serious question, I am on a mission for more!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

VIDEO: A Week Vlog What I Done Made

If you like the idea of a modern non-fiction re-telling of Waiting For Godot, and let's be honest why wouldn't you, then I have the thing for you in the form of this vlog I made of last week.

FYI there are cats GALORE.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

That Whistles Jumper Though...

I have been after a Whistles jumper for a good old while now, and deciding which to go for was quite the challenge... I knew I wanted there to be French on it, so the 'W' version was a miss... Then the Je Ne Regrette Rien version had sequins on the front, so it was a no to that too... I liked the idea of a navy one, but ever since I saw Fleur de Force wearing the Fleur version, I knew I couldn't wear it as no one else could rock that so well, right?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

VIDEO: Body Shop Hauling

I shopped. Then I shopped again. And here is the evidence...

Friday, 20 June 2014

Raiding Momma B's Beauty Cupboards

I reckon if you guys saw the size of my momma's beauty stash, I am pretty sure you'd agree that my love for all things beauty-related is most definitely hereditary. Mum has been a very generous donor of products to review since I moved home from France, so here's a post of the bits I've been liking and loathing...


I was so impressed by the Clarins Hydra Drench Mask. It's perfect for the dehydrated skin on my cheeks as an overnight treatment and has only been beaten for this role by my lovely bottle of Origins Drink Up Intensive (which smells of apricots, so was only ever going to come out top...)
I also really got on with the Sanctuary Body Wash - to the point where I'm surprised it was less than £6 - as it's a really nice, somewhat hydrating little gel. I even got on with the smell of it too; I may pick this up for myself sometime...


A big name here - and not one I thought I'd be slamming given its price and reputation - is Glam Glow. Cashing in at around £40, I had hight hopes and I have to say, I didn't think it was all that... I'll save my thoughts for my more in-depth face masks comparison coming soon!
Also a serious no go for me was the Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile. This really doesn't stand up against my beloved Guerlain Super Aqua Lotion in terms of hydration and the smell... to me it whiffs of baby shampoo, not the most pleasant or luxurious of pongs I must say!


They do the most beautiful, on point colours around (besides Essie - I love you Essie) but the formulas of Chanel's nail varnishes are just so awful. They sometimes really do chip within hours of application... it's just a hard pass for me. Mum has since said that some of the newer colours have better formulas - stay tuned for a Nailed It post when I let you know my thoughts! (They're saved from being in The Hated section as those colours... they're so good...)
A product I've read lots about is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - and I think on this occasion, I just don't get it. It is another Clarins product whose sent reminds me of baby shampoo (curse you, Clarins!) but aside from that, I just think the claims it makes are a bit ridiculous... Brightening and tightening? Really?! Perhaps if you do have dry skin and you want a boost of hydration, you'll like it more than I do... as long as you can figure out how to make it work, that is...

I hope you liked this post - I am positive I'll be helping myself to more from Momma Bananas' collection in the future (sorry Mum!) but in the meantime, what products are you lovin'? I'm always down to know (and Mum is too!)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Guerlain Skincare Additions

Guerlain Super Aqua Review

After a lovely Guerlain facial a few weeks ago, I decided I was going to get some serious hydration in my life. My Clarisonic has sat unused since then as the lovely Shelley, my Guerlain consultant, pointed out my skin was dry as a result of over exfoliation and she also bashed me for using an alcohol based toner (Caudalie Beauty Elixir is also banished from the bathroom).

I decided to treat myself to my two favourite products from the whole, amazing, facial experience and though they were anything but cheap, I'm so glad I did. My mum was the one that said you should spend as much as you can reasonably afford on your skincare, and so it was off to with a discount code I went.

The Super Aqua Serum Light was the most expensive of the two - it was about £87 for 50ml when I bought it but it has now snuck up to £94, but Escentual is a good site to keep an eye on as they tend to have regular, very decent discount codes. Shelley suggested using the non-Light Serum as a moisturiser, which I would have done if I'd realised it was that non-Light one she was referring to and not the Light samples that I was using! As it stands, I will probably end up buying an extra moisturiser as I don't think this is quite rich enough for my skin on its own. This stuff is expensive but it smells beautiful and my skin is really loving it. I hope it lasts me forever so I don't have to repurchase it...

I also bought the Super Aqua Toning Lotion, which provides another bit of moisture after cleansing and smells like the serum (ergo bloody lovely). This is now £31 for 150ml but I am pretty sure it was £27/28 when I bought it, so not the cheapest toner out there but I am so happy with how my skin is looking and feeling.

What luxury skincare are you loving? Or have you got some budget recommendations in your bathroom?

Guerlain Super Aqua Review
Experimental pic of the Super Aqua bits and the cat...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

VIDEO: Weekend Makeup on Lizzie

I did a makeup look on my bestie Lizzie (prepare to swoon at her eyelashes) and we had a ball making it - here's the video if you are interested!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Wishlist #1

So, it's a Sunday and I am chilling in my pjs in bed, with a mild hangover and the cat.

Fun fact: I woke up to find I had drunkenly spent this week's wages on a Monki order (well done, last night me, well done). When that guy comes I'll probs do y'all a haul on here, because I've been buying but not hauling for a while now and I feel like you guys are missing out...

Anywho, I woke up feeling spendy despite being skint so here is what I am lusting after:

All Things Anomie

Oooh God. I am planning a style heroes post soon (to go with my makeup heroes feature from a month ago) and I know that Chelsea from ChelseaWears is so gonna be in it. She is pale, she is edgy, she looks far cooler with roots than I do and her shop Anomie is da bomb. Dot and com.

Don't get shirty with me - oh wait please do

silk shirt | sleeveless striped shirt = Zara | shirt collar tips | cropped vintage shirt = Nutshell Vintage

I wanna get into wearing collared shirts. I had such a phobia of wearing them after school, but now I am just all kindsa loved up for 'em. I also love the idea of changing up some cool collar tips - all about makin' one garment look like it's actually five. Also Nutshell Vintage was started by one of the gals I was pals with back at school and it looks so cool (its FB page is full of some good chuckles). Desperate to go hit it up sometime!

Some Stylish Reads

You're all probably a bit fed up with seeing the Paris Street Style book so I won't dwell on it too much (other than to say I NEED IT) but the other two reads are ones I have been keeping an eye since reading about them in the Daily Telegraph magazine; they both sound thoroughly fascinating!

I'm gonna call it off hear and chow down on some form of brunch (Momma Bonanas bought bacon, the beauty that she is) so I will see you in video format on Tuesday, definitely not hungover I swear!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

VIDEO: Disappointing Products

It's sad times here folks, with some products that disappointed. Let's stay strong and try and get through this together <3

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hangover Survival Guide

I've done a lot of preparation for this post - as in, I went out last night and consumed many spirits - so I feel extremely qualified for briefing you on how to survive what the French call a guele de bois; so elegant sounding in French, the literal translation for their word for hangover being "gob of wood" or something similar.
  1. Get some aqua in ya. An ocean's worth if you can. Your body is mentally dehydrated and water is what it is needing my friend.
  3. Relax. Deeeeep. You are not going to be productive today my friend. Anything you make yourself do, you'll probably have to redo the next day, or whenever it is you start feeling human again. So, get a box set, or some crappy films, your favourite comfy clothes (I, as your temporary advice giving sister, will let you have a pyjama day if this is what is needed. Just make sure they're clean ones.)
  4. If you're feeling seriously rough, eat some bland food that you won't mind chucking back up again. We're talking bread, rice, paper... I am joshing about the paper but stick to all things dull and you will thank me from your slumped stance across the toilet bowl later.
  5. Get enough sleep. For me, this is legit the only real cure. A lot of the reason you're feeling crappy is not because you stayed up drinking till 4am, it's simply because you stayed up till 4am. Get some rest my babe.
  6. Put on your hangover jam. For me it's listening to the albums Jenny Llewellyn or Sophrosyne (all about 80s pop elements in my chill tunes) by WMD. So deliciously mellow. Bon Iver is also a nice shout.
  7. Bond with whoever you were out with. Hangovers are best served with company and chances are you are all in a similar state of disrepair. Let your hangover gel you together, growing in experience but probably not in wisdom because your brain cells aren't capable of learning anything just yet.
And that's it my darlings. If you are after some product recommendations that I like for when I am a bit worse for wear, do shout and I'll pop them in a separate post for you. Excuse me while I lie down with Parks and Rec and down this litre of water.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

If you do one thing this month...

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I know, a bit of an out-there statement, right? Last month's Do One Thing was a healthy walk recommendation, but this month I'm telling you, here and now, get thee to Boots and get thee that blummin' sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Does it apply a base flawlessly and evenly? Check.

Is it good value? Check.

Is it a multi-tasker? Check.

Is it endorsed by one of the Pixiwoo sisters? Double check.

Whether it's cream blush, liquid highlighers, concealer, foundation or just about any other cream base product you can think of, this little orange sponge has got you covered. Literally.

To keep it real for a sec, sponges do absorb more product and stain like mad, but given this is £5.99 on Boots's website, I think it is totally worth it for the results it gives and the multi tasking properties it boasts.

I love dampening it so it swells up, wringing it out then using the flat side to apply my foundation and then rolling the sides to blend. It's frankly a lil bit amazing.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

So you've heard about the T Zone... but what about the U Zone?

So I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the concept of the T zone. That oily bit in the middle of ya face. It ent exactly the new skincare fad on the block... But has anyone else heard about, and more importantly, been pampering their U zone?

 Hold on, hold on, I'm not making this up I swear... It's essentially the parts of your face that aren't your T zone: your cheeks, lower jaw and neck. Whereas your T zone tends to be oilier, your U zone is meant to be almost the opposite - generally needing a boost of moisture. It's a concept that was brought to my attention by the Lush Times, many, many moons ago.

According to Lush, Asian women (up there with French women in terms of being skincare legends to the anglophone consumer) have been aware of this since time began, seemingly, and apply two face masks to treat these areas with the correct product. This idea has always stuck with me, and I am now in the habit of tailoring my face masks to my skin's dryness, rather than going in with my old "slap it on, it's skincare after all" approach.

And the result is a super cool look like the one featured in the photo above. You are welcome.

While we're on the subject of face masks... Stay tuned for a new feature on my blog, kicking off with the face masks I have been testing out lately. Watch this space...