Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pretending To Be Chic

My passions in life include taking screenshots that amuse and entertain only myself, tidying a metre of the tip that is my bedroom and spending three hours online to celebrate, and occasionally fancying myself up so as to feel chic (by far my favourite word the French have ever given us).

The first step, and the one I have turned to most, is the striped top. It's a classic for a reason folks, and a Breton audit that I carried out before writing this post revealed I currently have six variations on the classic, and approximately zero regrets on this subject. The one in the photo is a slightly cropped, ribbed beauty from M&S of all places, and can be purchased here.

Next up are my black sunnies; frankly any garment or accessory that even vaguely reminds me of Audrey Hepburn is one that I feel I need, and this pair were actually a freebie as part of this Bourjois promotion. They are magically flattering and one of my favourite pairs I've ever owned - so merci, Bourjois, merci.

Last of all is my early birthday present from my mum and dad (living legends both of them, let me tell you) which is a grey and rose gold Marc Jacobs watch that I am frankly besotted with. It's a style that I used to drool over regularly in France, as the jewellers I passed by on the way to the bank was home to this beauty and I never got round to treating myself to it.

These are my three steps for pretending to be chic - now the question is what are yours??
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