Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Thank You: Phone Wallpaper Downloads

As I've mentioned over on Instagram already, recently my Bloglovin readership tipped over the 100 mark and it was a lovely little lift.

I'm not the biggest fan of giveaways as a thank you as ultimately only a handful can benefit (also, this) so I instead decided to get creative and make you guys some motivational wallpapers, to keep you on the straight and narrow while you go about your day to day.

Here they are (I am no graphic designer but I tried my best yo):

Get To Work Child: Download

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Download

You Can Do It: Download

You can download them either by holding the image on your phone and then saving it, screen shotting it or downloading through the link... Golly, there are so many options...

I'd just like to take this moment to get a little gushy and to thank you guys for supporting this blog. There are some very kind and very talented people following me and I am humbled by your encouragement - I truly appreciate having such a lovely team backing me!

*wipes away dramatic tears*

Anywho, emosh stuff aside: if you do put these as your background, please send your girl a photo cos I would LURVE to see them!

Thank you all again, you are rockin',
Anna xxx


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