Friday, 2 October 2015

The October Project #1

What's this? A new feature on By Her Mirror, just for the month of October? I know, it's an exciting time we live in!

I've long been a fan of weekly posts (Lilly's and Grace's are my favourite Sunday reads) and for this month I am endeavouring to add my own into the mix... Because October is the best month, and running a weekly roundup for just four weeks takes the pressure off big time; previous attempts at a weekly series never really came off for me!

So for this month, the goal is to share a little about how my week has gone, plus some things I think you'll like (and that I have loved!)

Let's go...

The light this week has been off the chain



It's been a week of total contrasts. It was my quietest week work-wise for a very long time and as a result, I started to get a bit fractious... until I read this post by Josie and it really knocked me sideways. She's a very brave young lady and there is so much to respect in this honest post.

And so I've been trying to really focus on the presentThe key word is trying... je ne suis pas parfaite. I'm someone whose reflex is to say no to life; usually with an excuse that fools even me. Deep down it is always because I am scared; scared I will disappoint someone or myself; scared even because something is unknown to me. Only in the last few weeks have I realised that I don't want to live this way any more... and not to beat myself up about this trait too much. After all, I can't enjoy my present while dwelling on my past!

I went for an early morning run with a bestie, applied for jobs, had a clearout and finalised the details for my trip this weekend... As you read this I am finally seeing two of my six lovely housemates from living in France for the first time since we left last April! We've all been busy and in our final year of uni: the time is ripe for a catchup!

I went for the mistiest run ever on Monday morning!



I've been in a cooking frenzy this month; this week I made Deliciously Ella's cacao and hazelnut spread, Jessica Beautician's oven chips and so much breakfast. You'll be able to see the results of my breakfasting in Monday's video!


I just finished Versions of Us and while it took me a while to get into it properly, I enjoyed it - for reference, I'd give it a 7/10. Not on my Kindle but still on my reading list was Volume 15 of Kinfolk; it's given me lots of food for thought and made me eager to pick up the latest issue.


Obviously the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack... and, equally, this mixtape that is super nostalgic for me!


Welcome to Rochester - Take Courage
Why I Unfollowed Almost 90% Of Blogs On My Bloglovin - A Branch Of Holly
A Day With Feldt - In A Pavilion
The First Person Industrial Complex - Slate, via Jessica Stanley
Everything Gittemary has ever done
And lastly, Siobhan is in Barcelona and I can't even

And that about does it from me! Please share any links from your week in the comments (and actually, please tell me how your week has been, I would love the October Project to be a very, very social affair!) In the meantime, have a safe and joyful week and I hope happiness finds you!


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