Thursday, 16 October 2014

Making The Best of Student Housing

Living in student digs is rarely a Pinterest-worthy experience... You'll be living in the cheapest accommodation of your life, but it's going to look like the cheapest accommodation of your life too.

As a fourth year (which I freak out about regularly, by the way) I've had my fair share of student housing and like to think I've sussed the tweaks you can make that will instantly restore a cosy vibe back to your hovel-- I mean home.
  • Lighting is crucial. This was a lesson I learned in halls and a good lesson it was too. Our flat was covered in strip lighting, which really helped to add to whole prison like vibe my visitors were quick to pick up on! In January I came back with an old lamp that had previously graced our living room at home, and it made my room feel far more homey.
  • FAIRY LIGHTS EVERYWHERE. IKEA do some amazingly cheap battery powered options that are super cute too.
  • Scented candles are the one. I've currently got an array of vanilla-based beauties on the ready to help add a homely vibe (and they also helped cover up the smell of damp that permeated the room when I moved in.)
  • Become a clich├ęd cactus owner. I owned a couple of orchids in first year and they died in no time whatsoever: my cacti are far more likely to survive and are a great way to ease yourself in before committing to trickier plants!
  • Print off a load of photos. My wardrobe in France was covered with pictures from home and it was a lovely way of feeling like my friends were there in spirit!
  • The people are what really matter. At the end of the day, the world's worst house is far more liveable when you're sharing it with great friends and I'm relieved to say I have always been extremely lucky in that respect!
What are your guys' tips for making a hovel a home?? Let me know down below!

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