Thursday, 1 January 2015

My New Year's Resolutions

A new year is here and with it, an opportunity to make and break an array of well-intentioned promises to oneself... I'm big into To Do lists of any kind so naturally I had to share my 2015 resolutions with you guys!

  1. I intend to work hard at uni, and get a grade I am proud of.
  2. I hope to take part in our pole school's yearly competition and showcase (majorly motivating, as I am very very unfit at the moment!)
  3. I will continue blogging, taking a little more time and care to perfect each post, and only share the posts I am 100% proud of and happy to put out into the world
  4. I will continue my Project365 (still a private endeavour as my last year at uni has limited my beautiful photo taking opportunities big time)
  5. I plan on taking steps outside my comfort zone rather than saying no to the things that scare me.
  6. I will enjoy my last semester at uni.* 
  7. I want to knit myself something more advanced than a scarf (though let's not bash that idea too much as scarves are legit)
  8. I will prioritise spending on experiences over spending on things
  9. I hope to finally declutter my mess, sorry, bedroom at home
  10. I will work to remember how lucky I really am... I am the queen of BUT I AM NOT PERFECT THEREFORE I HAVE FAILED rather than accepting I have it good
What do you guys think of my resolutions? Do you have any of your own for this year? Feel free to share any down below of course!


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*sobs, broken, into a pillow... DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE
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