Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Deliciously Healthy Dessert

Anna gives you a recipe?! Momma said wah? Yep, we're going there folks, with a tried and tested tasty treat that came into my life via a very dear friend... Hey Emma, if you're reading this!

This ice cream, fro yo style pud is not only good for you (ish), it is insanely easy and insanely cheap too. You'll have seen a number of frozen banana ice cream recipes in your time but I am here today to offer mine, and urge you to try it. It is spectacular.

You will need...

2 bananas
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp hazelnut chocolate spread (Nutella really is the best but many substitutes are just as good)
A blender, be it handheld or otherwise

6+ hours freezing, 10 mins prep

This recipe makes enough for two very full ramekins. If you have no friends you can freeze this once made and enjoy at a later date. I know because I tried this.


1. The night before: PEEL THE BANANAS. You will thank me later as you will waste a lot of time fighting with frozen banana skin otherwise.
2. Place the bananas in a freezer bag, pop said bag in freezer then leave to freeze over. If I know I am making this in the evening, I do this the night before, but shoving them in in the morning before also works.
3. Once frozen, take them out the freezer and leave them to thaw for no more than five minutes before you blend. Again, this just makes your life easier.
4. Place your bananas in a bowl and add your peanut butter and chocolate spread... then BLEND like your entire EXISTENCE was meant to BLEND. Be patient, especially if using a hand held blender like ours - things can get very angry. Blend until it is as smooth as you like.
5. Pop into your ramekins or bowls, depending on how fancy you feel.
6. EAT.

If you do make this recipe, feel free to tweet me your pics! My day would officially be made... My username is @byhermirror :) Bon app├ętit!


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