Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The By Her Mirror 2015 Survey Results!

So last week I asked you all if you wouldn't mind filling out my survey on who you guys are and what you'd like to see from By Her Mirror (if you missed it and are interested in having your say, it is in this post!)

First of all, thank you. Thank you for reading By Her Mirror and an extra huge thank you to those of you that took the time to reply - I had far more responses than I was expecting (even my dad got in on the action - thanks Dad!!) Many of you I am lucky enough to consider my friends, but there are also a fair few whom I hope will become my friends in future. It's safe to say that a By Her Mirror dinner party would be an excellent and UTTERLY hilarious dinner party.

So, me gushing and getting emotional aside, today's post is all about sharing the results.

I asked you guys where you are from and the results were fabulously varied. The majority of you hail from the UK like myself, but some  are reading in Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, the US and even Bahrain... You're also a young bunch, with 78% aged 19-29.

41% of you like to read in the evenings, so I'll make sure that there are some evening tweets and the odd late night Facebook posts up for you to remind you when there's been a new post! Surprisingly (to me at least!) Lifestyle was the most popular category, followed by Makeup and Personal, all things I'll bear in mind when working out my schedule!

Slightly more of you said that you'd like 3 posts of current quality each week rather than 2 of higher quality... I think my answer to this one is to try and make sure there's at least one trickier, more out there post each week, but currently I'm going to try and stick to 3 as I reckon I'd miss posting too much!

You guys were extremely kind and supportive in your written feedback and I was really touched by what you guys had to say! There will be more reviews of films and books as a couple of you asked for that, and for some other interests too. I've even got a DIY hidden up my sleeve for you... you'll have to wait and see! And I'm trying to think of a fun About Me type post, for those of you that like personal posts too.

All in all this was such a great chance to hear from you guys and I'm really thankful for those of you that answered... I'm wracking my brains for more ways to get involved with you guys in the future, comment down below if you've got your own ideas!

Thank you again and have yourselves a wonderful, wonderful week,

x x x


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