Saturday, 10 January 2015

A "Pretty Honest" Review

Prior to reading Pretty Honest I hadn't been much of a follower of Sali Hughes... 300+ pages of sterling beauty writing later and I am a convert. Pretty Honest is a stylish and, you guessed it, refreshingly honest read that, spoiler alert, I adored reading. Some of you I know will be right there with me on the love for this book, but for those of you that have yet to buy your own copy, I thought I'd give you a run-down of why I love it so!

To fill you in on the layout of Pretty Honest, you'll find that it's broken into helpful chapters that can be read as stand-alone help sections, or can be enjoyed one after another (I'm guessing the repetition that occurs in each is down to the assumption many will deep into specific chapters and not necessarily read it cover to cover). The range of these is so thoughtful and indicative of Sali's broad range of cosmetic knowledge; there's a little bit of everything, from teenage makeup suggestions to the less glamorous side of motherhood to bridal beauty advice... Sali even covers significance of looking a little better even when very ill. Each subject is given its proper respect, but each remain an enjoyable, satisfyingly well researched read.

Sali's voice is very present throughout, with the odd snippet of her past thrown in where relevant, and reading this feels like a chinwag with a friend/cool aunt/mother/professional all at once. Her background as a journalist, beauty writer and makeup artist's assistant (at the age of 15!) gives the book a qualified, thorough feel, but I was also left with the impression she really wouldn't mind if you vehemently disagreed with any of her suggestions.

If you love makeup, you will adore this book. I've read a few "beauty bibles" in my time (recommendations for any more below, please?) and this has been the most informative - I imagine this will be just as useful for a novice as a fanatic... and who knows, maybe even the pros would enjoy this read too!

All in all, in case you hadn't yet guessed, it's a delightful read and one I highly recommend. Pick up your copy here, and if you've already read yours, let me know if you agree with me on this one! (Plus those beauty book recommendations would make my day...)


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