Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Favourite Android Apps

At times, life as an Android user does sort of feels like you're using a typewriter when everyone else is clicking away on their computers... The amount of awesome apps out there that are Apple only is genuinely frustrating to me. I care far too much guys.

Today's post is a round-up for my fellow Android users - let us unite!

Instagram - free
Not a surprising one as my old blog design (do you like the new one by the way??) featured a ginormous Instagram bar, which was retired as I felt he was too distracting. I'm obsessed. Chances are, you are too. I've done two Insta Spotlights of my fave users (here and here) if you're after a little insight into my favourite users and SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT my account is here should you wish to follow (currently obsessed with taking photos of strangers' houses. Just fair warning.)

Blue Light Filter - free (I think!)
I really like this guy for the evenings - apparently the blue light emitted by screens is majorly disruptive for your body's melanin levels, aka the chemical that helps you fall asleep.* This app makes your screen yellowy, weird at first, but I am forever forgetting that I've switched it on as you definitely get used to it. Well worth a look if you spend all day err day with screens like I do!

VSCO Cam - free
This is the best photo editing app for Android. Period. I've heard a lot of people love Afterlight, but until they bring that to Android, I can't really compare the two! I adore this app; I edit some of my blog pictures with it, and it's packed with some great, subtle and beautiful filters that will make your pics pop. What's more, the VSCO Grids are one of my go-to places for photography inspiration - free from all the "like for like" hype on Instagram too, which is super cool! (My grid is here, but this one and this one are far more representative of the talent on VSCO!)

Sleep for Android - free, but full app is more
I've just been playing with the free trial version of this and finding it hysterical and fascinating. For 14 days you get to try all the app options, including sleep tracking, lullabies, snoring/sleep talking recording... It's mesmerising stuff, let me tell you. Never before have I been so concerned about my lack of REM sleep... It is all kindsa fun.

Viber - free
I thought everyone had heard of Viber, but a chat with a couple of pals over the last six months has shown that a heck of a lot of people have yet to experience its majesty. This was life-saving for my year abroad. Whereas WhatsApp has to be paid for and is only for texting, Viber is free and you can send messages AND RING PEOPLE. Incredible. I love this app. Too much.

App of the Day - free
For 24 hours, this app will let you download an app for free, changing its selection every day. There are lots of duff ones out there - I don't like having games on my phone, for example - but occasionally a winner comes along and it's all worth it. I have it for the bants to be honest!

These are my Android picks - are there any apps you think I need? Let me know down below!


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*not a scientist so don't take this as gospel

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