Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Photography "Kit"

I've got very into photography this year... Still not gonna set the world on fire with my photo taking skills but I clearly don't care that much as I'm doing it anyway. I use three cameras and my phone to take pictures, and the love I have for each is real... I know this post isn't for everyone, but I thought it would be great for those of you looking for some reviews of what's out there!


I bought my Canon 600D last year with a really great offer - I managed to swindle a free prime lens as well as the body itself and the standard kit lens... I would seriously keep an eye out to see if you can get something similar! This camera is my babe, I love it - so far I've had no complaints and think it's a great first DSLR, if you have the cash.

My Canon EOS M is a mirrorless DSLR that I bought as a lightweight option for the times when I really don't feel like taking my 600D with me. This is great but I will say that the fact it has a touch screen focus, coupled a lack of flip screen, means that it is a little bit of a pain for vlogging yourself. I do still like it, but there may be better options out there in all honesty!

Last of the actual camera cameras is my newest purchase, the Canon AE-1. I bought this through Gum Tree and got an incredible deal, so take your time buying this and really shop around. I've not had a chance to fill my film yet (don't worry, you guys will be the first to know when it's developed) but I suggest looking here and here for an idea of what kind of photos you can hopefully get with this!


For my Canon 600D I have the 18-55mm kit lens, which is an okay piece of kit and great for learning the ropes with. I tend to travel with this one as it's super versatile and there's not too much of a noticeable crop factor!

I take most of my photos and film with the 40mm f2.8 pancake lens , which is the lens I got for free with the camera. This is good value and I think pretty well made, with none of the tackiness that people have mentioned about the 50mm f1.8 lens. I am super curious as to how the two compare, not least because the 40mm is only really good for close up shots - landscapes tend to get a bit soft and blurry (and not in a good way).


I take loads of photos with my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for reference) and while it has its limitations (have you seen photos taken on an iPhone?? the envy) it does the job. I swear by VSCOCam for editing and getting the most out of this.

My tripod is the Hama Star 61, which is cheap but functional and has lasted well given its price! I know I will be replacing this at some point, but for the moment I am very happy with it.

Some other bits that are not very exciting but I own and rate are listed here for you - figured I'd save you the boredom of going in-depth!

Lowepro Nova 160 AW All Weather Shoulder Bag for Digital SLR
Lens Pen
Walimex 75 Watt Ring Light
Canon Remote Control RC-06

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you have any recommendations for what you use in your kit then please comment down below because I would LURVE to hear about them!


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