Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Perfect Christmas

The magic of Christmas has changed as I grow older, but never lost its sparkle. As a child I looked forward to the chocolate coins and ripping the paper off carefully wrapped toys; as a teen, it was all about that MAC gift set hype; as an adult, it's about seeing family (especially precious after my Year Abroad) and of course chowing down on chocolate coins (some things never change).

Today's post is all about the things I love most about Christmas... I hope you enjoy!
  1. Waking up to the buzz of "It's today! It's actually today!"
  2. Mum refusing to let us into the living room, insisting Santa didn't make it
  3. Being let in and unwrapping our stocking presents (they are always incredible)
  4. Enjoying a chocolate-based breakfast
  5. Getting ready for Church, the one time in the year we go
  6. Feeling festive with familiar faces
  7. Singing to Chris Rea in the car
  8. Heading to our fave restaurant for Christmas dinner
  10. Feeling so full I am convinced I need never eat again
  11. Heading home for present opening
  12. Dem presents do
  13. Putting on my new pyjamas
  14. Watching a Christmas film with the fam
  15. Surprising myself by managing to nibble a dinner of yes, you guessed it, chocolate coins
Have a lovely day guys, and thank you for making this year so enjoyable. Whatever you are up to today, I hope you are safe and happy!


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