Friday, 23 October 2015

The October Project #4


It's been a quiet week on the blog - please accept my apologies on that front! After weeks of thinking about digital detoxes and worrying about always being online, it's been so nice to have a week where I've just been focused on seeing friends and family. I celebrated my birthday on Monday and while it was really difficult not being able to speak to my twin brother (he's away on a military training exercise without his phone), I still had a lovely day. My gifts were so thoughtfully chosen: the vase pictured above is made by Clare Dawdry and matches the bowl and mug I so treasure, while my pressies from my uni girls included a book filled with knitting patterns for cat hats; this was my reaction.

Mum and I went to Stamford, a beautiful Georgian town in Lincolnshire. We wandered round its endless churches, admired its brilliant charity shops and had a cuppa in the George hotel... apparently what one does in Stamford! My favourite discovery of the day was this wool shop, where I bought a kit for some beautiful mittens. So far they are tricky but fun too.

This weekend I will still be celebrating... Who am I, the Queen?! The plan is to spend the day in Brighton, then stay over in London for a Sunday of gallery mooching. You can guess how very excited I am already!

But now for this week's edit of good stuff:


I just realised, with a shock, that I haven't made anything new that I can tell you about this week! Instead I will tell you what's next on my agenda; this raw ice cream looks just incredible.


I'm still making my way though Go Set A Watchman and very intrigued where Harper Lee is taking me. Among my stash of secondhand reads that I collected in Stamford's charity shops is Le Mois de Septembre, which I am hoping will fill the French hole in my life!


I've been listening to podcasts a lot this week and this older episode of This American Life was arguably my favourite of the ones I have heard so far. Writer Lindy West breaks the golden rule of the internet by speaking to her trolls; the results are fascinating.


I need to say again that I've been a bit of a lousy internet user this week, so apologies for the brevity of this list!

David's Recent Wedding Photography - David's photography is beyond gorge
Life Favourites - I am still obsessed with Emma's blog and it was so lovely to read her lifestyle loves of the moment
Why Climate Change Is A Threat To Human Rights - Such a fascinating angle on such an important subject
A Weekend Away: Photo Diary - Bridie's trip looked utterly gorgeous
Ridiculous Stock Photo Challenge - I made the mistake of watching this on a bench in public and it left me very giggly indeed

That is me done! Thank you for the birthday wishes, I really appreciated them - and come and tell me about your week, I so want to know how you are!!


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