Friday, 9 October 2015

The October Project #2

Dear You,

Well hello there my friend!

How has your week been? I hope it has treated you well (and if not, I hope next week is better!)

We're into week two of The October Project and I firstly need to thank you for being so great about its first installment... I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it, so your kind words were very much appreciated.

This week was a lesson in how things don't always go as planned... but they can still be okay! My trip to Cambridgeshire to see my housemates from when I lived in France - alas - didnae happen. A migraine came out of nowhere at work and I'll be honest, I was really disappointed: I haven't seen them in person since April 2014. We did have a Skype instead however and it was like every time I call them... It felt like we were picking up on a conversation that had only just ended.

My hunt for a second job seemed to be going awry until a uni friend told me (after watching my breakfast video) that I should get in contact with people who need video content, and that is definitely something I am going to start looking into.

Lastly, I received a really nice comment on one of my recent Instagram photos from the lovely Maria, whose pictures are in the grid below. I was so shocked by how few followers she has compared with how gorgeous her photos are, so it would be so great if you checked her out here!

Maria's photos make me feel lots of emotions... all of them overwhelmingly positive! 


It's been a food centric week on BHM, hasn't it?! I ended up cooking two lots of sweet potato fries (both excellent... they're my signature dish, so I can't be modest guys), some damn fine falafel and I also made all my breakfast ideas... Woops! I did want to tell you about the process of making the video though: the first two dishes were one-takers, filmed without a hitch, but those bloody eggs... I made scrambled eggs three times in a 24 hour period and the last version (the one you guys saw) I couldn't actually eat! It had to stay in the fridge until I had recovered... at which point they tasted great again.


I'm reading Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw and I think I'm going to make a video on my thoughts on this and Deliciously Ella (don't worry, I won't be repeating what I said in this post!)


I've been absolutely obsessed with this track by Darius... As I said to Lilly, it reminds me of the soundtrack to Drive.
I also love Kiiara's voice: Feels is my favourite track.


It's been an excellent week:

A New Way To Set Goals - Leney breaks down a great strategy for goal setting that I am itching to try
The Story We Tell About Poverty Isn't True - Mia Birdsong delivers some home truths and its conclusion left me on the brink of tears
My Illustrations & Some Exciting Career News - Hayley from The 5 Year Memory Blog shares some gorge artwork and I am so happy for her next step job-wise
Meet Ash & Kristofferson - Holly introduces her gorgeous new pets with a photoshoot that will make you laugh and want to book flights to Canada in order to steal them (just me?)
Travel: St Ives - Cate St Hill shares dreamy shots and words from her trip to Cornwall and both will stun you
Hanhabelle Turns 2 - so pleased for Hanh as two years is an amazing achievement! Her roundup of her blog's high points was a gorgeous touch.

That's me done... Please come to the comments and fill me in on how you are doing! What were you up to this week? And what are you up to this weekend? Let a girl know!


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