Saturday, 1 August 2015

THOUGHTS ON: Bouncing Back From A Blog Break

I know, I'm so darn meta, aren't I? It has been too long, lovely people! Rather than boring you with treating you to a long ramble about where I've been, I thought I'd go for a more helpful option instead!

Charlotte of Awake & Make also wrote a post on this subject and as I loved it, check it out here!

So, how do you rekindle your blogging passion (even after four months off)? I'm no expert, but here's how I went about it...


...And honestly, I wish I'd done it sooner! I should have listened to the voice that was saying, "This is too much right now - blogging should be fun." It was right and trying to "push through" to prove myself to some imagined critic only intensified my feelings of frustration. In my time off, I got reading (more on that soon) and found some fabulous blogs I can't wait to share with you. I also wrapped up my degree too: the relief is strong!


No doubt the most obvious change around these parts, I spent a long time thinking about how I'd go about refreshing the look of my blog. I had a look at downloading some pre-made layouts (and found some seriously lovely ones) but in the end I felt happiest going down the DIY route: it was cheaper and a lot of fun! At present, there remain a few tweaks that need sorting, but for the most part, it has made this ole place feel fresh and fun again!


As part of my "push through" phase, I ended up publishing a few posts that I wasn't super keen on. I had a good browse through my archives, finding typos in posts that I wanted to keep and getting rid of those I just didn't feel the passion for and things are looking cleaner and happier as a result, to my eyes at least!


This morning, I had no idea I'd be writing this post; it's now 18:00 and proof that you never know when you'll be ready for something. In weeks previous, blogging felt like a scary thing, even a burden; I'm chuffed to report that writing this has been anything but. It just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to wait!

So, my lovely buds, how are you? Have you got any advice for keeping a burning passion alight? If so I would love to hear about it!  


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