Wednesday, 26 August 2015

SPACES: Forge 2 Art Gallery In Oxfordshire

It's so easy to romanticise distant places and forget that your own area is very much worth exploring too... And with that in mind I present the first of a series showing you guys the sights that are very much worth seeing in my area. For reference, I live in the mighty midlands :)

The Forge 2 gallery in Oxfordshire can be found in beautiful Culworth village, a setting that looks about as English as any place could possibly be. Comprising of a larger gallery room and gift shop, it is a stunning space dedicated solely to celebrating the best of UK art. Each exhibition runs for a 12 week period, so each season will see a total transformation take place within its beautiful four walls.

I like to think it offers a little something for everyone; its current exhibition is home to beautiful woodwork, ceramics, paintings and a great deal more.

To me it is an idyllic little island, filled with carefully curated treasures waiting to be discovered...

Everything Emma Westmacott made was sheer perfection... The sea-inspired pieces were so special!

It's of course nigh on impossible to pick favourites from such a lovely selection, but the Emma Westmacott collection was stunning and I hankered after an Adam Ross tea set. I was alas limited by the contents of my bank account (or lack thereof) and went home with a delightful compromise: one of Clare Dawdry's dreamy turquoise mugs... mint tea has never been so delicious!

Adam Ross ceramics - such clean and tactile shapes!

The loveliest gift shop in the western hemisphere, probably

If you find yourself in the area I know you will be just as charmed by this space as I am... Sadly they do not have an online shop but you can follow along on TwitterInstagram and Facebook or read up on their lovely website!

And there we have it - this was officially the most fun post I've ever had to research! Have you guys been doing your own exploring recently? I would love to hear about any lovely spaces near you in the comments below :)


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