Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Beauty Blogging: I'm Taking A Break

It's been far too long since I talked about beauty on this blog and today we right that wrong, friends; but not necessarily in the way you were expecting. I feel I need to mention that this post is specific to beauty blogging; I'll be continuing to share posts on other topics, do not worry!

Honestly, this was a subject I have been avoiding for fear of throwing unintended shade (like a mindless parasol, you might say)... but I have learnt that I blog best when I blog honestly, so here we are! I want to stress that I still enjoy makeup, I still love reading people's thoughts on what they enjoy using and I still like giving people recommendations when they're in a pickle.  That's not changed.

If you've not read my thoughts on minimalism post, you may not have seen that I'm trying to be a bit less stuff-orientated. For me, beauty blogging has involved buying a lot more stuff under the pretence of blogging about it and honestly, I just don't want to do that on a regular basis any more.

There is a second reason for wanting to leave beauty alone for a while; I'd like to go cruelty-free and much of my stash just is not. At some point I do want to check in and let you know how that transition is going, but for now I can't really recommend anything I don't feel 100% comfortable using. My plan is to use what I have and then move on to buying all things cruelty free from then on.

I hope this post isn't too disappointing to anyone? Fingers crossed on that one. I'll still be blogging away, but I'm looking to emphasise the aspects of my life that aren't just things I've purchased... We shall see how I get on!

If you are/have gone cruelty free, please give me all the guidance. I am planning a post soon on the areas/products that I am finding most difficult to switch, so keep em peeled for that one!


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