Thursday, 31 March 2016

Thank You, March

What's this... a new series on By Her Mirror?! Yes, party people, it was about time each month was given a proper sendoff round these parts and today that is precisely what we are doing.


March brought me bright tulips and rainy days, the perfect pomegranate and endless visa stress. My summer in the US is such a source of excitement, but I've nearly had a panic attack on three occasions thanks to the logistics of it all and as someone who has never excelled at organisation, it is safe to say I will relish this application being over.

This month wasn't without its highs, however; I've been more active on the video making front and your comments about my vlogs in particular were so welcome! Seeing the days gradually stretch to a respectable length and the return of beautiful spring light also brought a lift to my mood this month. I also deepened my adoration for Anna Jones recipes, evidence of which can again be found in the vlogs, and I was delighted when a beautiful package came from my lovely penpal Maria - snail mail is the coolest mail. At the time of writing I've yet to snap the beautiful cross stitch she sent me - I was blown away by her thoughtfulness!

Lastly, I took some time off social media for a little self-reflection and I am very glad I did. A chat with lovely Bridie highlighted how draining social media can be; I realised I was comparing myself a little too obsessively so logged out of everything for about a week. It's something I am keen to make my routine; maybe once every couple of months or so, with the odd weekend in between. We shall see.


I want to marry Adriene to thank her for the 30 Days of Yoga Camp playlist - it's been the greatest thing to do each morning
Rowan's vegan millionaire's shortbread looks straight up phenomenal 
Siobhan's Snapchat is my favourite... It was the only thing I sincerely missed during my week offline. Her username is blesstheweather and you will love following her day!
I was so proud of Holly for writing this brave post on body image; it's a struggle I think we all face, but so few of us speak up about it so brilliantly
Srsly podcast is most definitely my favourite at the moment; if you're a Call Your Girlfriend fan, you will love
Rebecca's post on fearlessness really spoke to me as a fellow worrier
And last but so, so, so not least, this excellently written post by Belphoebe sums up my discomfort with the internet's treatment of Kim Kardashian

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A Tour Round My iPhone Weekly Vlog IV

What do you think of this series? I had a blast writing this one I have to say! Feel free to let me know how your month was in the comments... I hope it was wonderful! 


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