Tuesday, 6 May 2014

3, 2, 1 - Glow!

While the weather continues to have its own ideas of what constitutes appropriate spring behaviour, I am very much determined to will myself into spring and to this end, I have been forming a little line-up to help me get my glow on.

First up, and the basis of any good tan (fake or otherwise), is an evenly exfoliated base. To this end I have been giving my limbs a little more love than usual with my body brush. Mine was a freeby from the boutique that is my mum's bathroom but you can grab the Body Shop's version here. I won't wax lyrical about the benefits of body brushing as I am now unfashionably late to the party on that one, but I do recommend this when you plan on getting them limbs out.

Next is a new purchase as I recently threw out my only SPF skincare product, but something I really should be wearing all year round! But, now the odd couple of sunny days are peaking through all those grey one, a good old SPF for the face is more essential than ever. This is Vichy's Capital Soleil Velvety Cream Face SPF 50 (you can buy it from the wonderful Feel Unique here). At £14.50 it's not the cheapest product out there, but as a fairly pale person I have long been lectured about how SPF is something worth investing in. This product is definitely one for you drier skin folks out there as I failed to notice that this is meant for normal to dry skin types as it's very hydrating, but so far I've not had any made reactions to my combination skin. I like it as it means I don't need another moisturiser in the mornings.

To tan up dem pins I am currently trialling Garnier's Summer Body Moisturising Lotion as tends to be less than my usual Johnson's Holiday Skin. This comes in both light and dark versions and mine is the light one. I do find I have to avoid being my typical heavy handed self with this stuff as it can end of up a little orangey but it does have the win of creating a somewhat natural tan without that unbearable tanning smell. The apricot smell does turn rather more biscuity after an hour or so, but nowhere near as intense and irritating as Johnson's and I am really enjoying this - and it's about £3.75 at the moment on Boots.com!

Lastly is my face bronzer, which is Lancôme's Flash Bronzer and this one was recommended by the host mum I aupaired for last summer (hello Vanessa if you happen to be reading!) They seem to have reformulated this but you can get 50ml for £23.00 with free delivery on Lancôme's website and it will last you forever. (I got my mum on this too and we both love it.) When I use this up I do want to try the Clarins version which is very popular among the beauty blogging crew and is actually cheaper too!

And that concludes my sunny line up - taking me from pasty to tasty in four easy steps. Let's just hope the weather improves so I can show my tan off!
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