Thursday, 10 March 2016

Five Blogs To Fall For

After sharing my favourite YouTube channels with you recently, it only seemed fair to recommend the blogs that I've been obsessing over too! Previously I spoke to some of my favourite bloggers in this (woefully shot) post, so if you want to hear about even more babes after this post then I recommend reading that piece.

These lovely sites have all been sources of inspiration to me lately, in such varied ways. I cannot wait to dive into this post!


The first thing that drew me to Krissy is her amazing eye for visuals... If my memory serves me rightly, I stumbled across her beautiful Instagram first and immediately fell for her photography. Finding out she had a blog was the icing on the cake; each post feels so welcoming and friendly, like a catchup chat over a cuppa. All The Details is a stunning lifestyle blog, complete with recipes and travel posts... AKA all of my favourite things.
Posts you'll love: On Baking Biscotti & Holiday Magic, For Love Day, Would You Like Tea Or Coffee
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The name of Coline's blog says it all; Conflicted Beauty was born out of her love-hate relationship with the cosmetic industry and I love how she chooses to view it with an intelligent and critical gaze. Her writing is simply excellent, covering some subjects that are sorely underrepresented online; everything from bras, periods to stretch marks are thoroughly explored in her posts. She also has a cracking sense of humour to boot... I'm a firm fan.
Posts you'll love: For You I Tried Period Underwear, Dear Stretch Marks, Makeup Tips For Acing A Job Interview
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I recently found Eva's blog House of Smilla thanks to fellow internet babe Siobhan, and an instant obsession was born. Eva explores some of my favourite subjects, with her posts focusing on minimalism and zero waste living amongst much more. Her photos are so beautiful too, all of them making me want to pack up and just move to Germany already. She is momma to her adorable little girl Smilla, so perfect for you new mums out there.
Posts you will love: Introduction to Minimalism, Homemade Maple Granola Recipe, That's Darling
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If you are as into self-development as I am, Life Goals Mag is a site to add to your reading list for sure. They cover such a wonderful array of topics, focusing on living well in the modern world. I've been so impressed by the quality of their posts, with so many of them being ideal reading material for dazed and confused 20-somethings such as myself!
Posts you'll love: How To Find A Healthy Relationship In The Modern Age, Why Change Within Yourself Is Good, 25+ Tips For Using The Bullet Journal System
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It's safe to say I'm slightly in love with Erin. She's an incredible writer and minimalist, living with a young family in NYC, who makes sustainable living feel so damn cool. Reading My Tea Leaves offers not only my favourite blog name to date, but also seemingly endless advice on greener lifestyle choices and all round wellness. If you watched my vlog last week you will also know that I bought her gorgeous book Simple Matters and it's set to further this love affair even more I am sure.
Posts you will love: Habit Shift: Favourite Documentaries, Make Your Own Hazelnut Milk, Natural Beauty: Cheek Colour
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And there we have it folks... What do you think about me making this a (semi) regular thing? I think it's definitely something I have in mind! Lastly, whose blogs are you loving at the moment? I need those sweet sweet recs...


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