Sunday, 3 April 2016

DIY: All Natural & All Powerful Deodorant

"So Anna... What on earth made you want to make your own deodorant?"

It is a great question with an honest answer: finding a cruelty free deodorant that didn't cost the earth was proving to be a somewhat impossible task. Frustrated with my options I took a look at the ingredients of the latest one I'd bought and realised most of its components were in the house already, with the rest proving to be an easy and inexpensive purchase.

And so my deodorant making osbession was born...

As I say in the video, I've found some whacky and wonderful effects were brought with this concoction, chief among them that I am less stinky than ever before. I am a gal whose armpits know how to function only too well and will prove this readily on any and every occasion, yet I was so impressed by how it worked. I would encourage anyone to give this a try, even if you are a sweaty Betty such as myself!

The method I used started out as the one in this post, but the creaming method wasn't killin' it for me so you will see that I devised my own combining technique...


1/3 cup coconut oil
1/3 cup arrowroot powder
2 tbsp baking powder - try reducing if you know you have sensitive skin
10 - 15 drops essential oil; I used 10 drops of lavender, 1 of eucalyptus & 1 rosemary
Please, DO NOT add more essential oils than 15 drops - it may not sound like much but your armpits are sensitive and those oils are potent
1 or 2 containers, dependent on size - a jar with a wide neck, or a couple of metal tins, will work perfectly here


Fill the kettle and boil enough water to fill a small saucepan; place water into said saucepan and leave to boil on a medium heat while you prepare your deodorant.


Simply place your ingredients in a pyrex jug, then hook the handle of the jug into the saucepan once the water is bubbling properly. Your coconut oil will melt and combine with the other ingredients properly. Use a spatula to stir, taking care to ensure that the ingredients are mixed properly and the coconut oil is completely melted. Not mixing well enough will mean you may end up with uneven concentrations of essential oil or baking powder, which could make your armpits sore.


Pour into your moulds and leave to cool; I put mine in the fridge but it is your call. To apply, take a small piece for each armpit - no more than the size of a kidney bean. Melt between your fingers and rub onto your skin. Keep out of sunlight and for God's sake, don't throw it on the carpet if you do leave it to melt!

And we are done chaps! Let me know if you would ever try this DIY and of any DIYs you're loving at the moment - I am so eager to make my own candles sometime soon! Stay well and see you soon...


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