Monday, 15 February 2016

Habits I Would Love To Set

I seem to attract bad habits like honey draws bees, but I'm riding the wave of a few good habit successes of late... As I mentioned in a recent post, I've taken up early morning yoga and it has made my mornings so much nicer; who knew 2016 would be the year I became a yoga-loving vegetarian?! On a related note, I am debating making a chilled out morning routine video for you... Please let me know if this would appeal to you!

On to the habits... These are the things I'd like to be doing a little more of and I am hoping that sharing them will help them feel a bit more official. That whole accountability thing. We'll get going, shall we?


I loves my internets, I really do, but I need to learn that balance is everything. We're not expected to work 7 days a week, so spending each and every day online seems just as unhealthy to me. A couple of weeks ago I decided to say adios to posting on Instagram for a few days and found I was picking up my mobile far less as a result, but setting a definite day off has yet to happen for me. At present I am debating Mondays or Sundays... we shall see!


I love cooking and baking in particular has a lovely, meditative quality; if you have seen the Amélie scene where she bakes a heartbroken plum cake, you'll know exactly what I mean... I have been eyeing up a good number of vegan recipes and had a genuine dance for joy upon discovering my local supermarker now stocks cacao nibs, so I'm really up for a good chilled cookie making sesh. I also love the look of Siobhan's beautiful gingerbread men; it may not be Christmas, but they look just divine.


I love hearing my girlfriends' voices as much as I despise the act of texting; catching up with them on a more frequent basis is something I've been meaning to take more seriously. WhatsApp's voice message function is my godsend, but I still feel there is no replacement for a proper old fashioned phone call, sharing nothing in particular but loving it anyway.


I've got significantly better at this reading lark since I left uni; that said, I still feel I could be reading far more. I told myself I would read a book every week this year... it's not gone exactly to plan, as at present I've averaged around one every two weeks instead. At the moment I'm reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro and I'm thinking of reading Gormenghast next; but really, I'd love to finish 2016 having read more than the 21 books I read last year.


Last year I wrote this post about my beloved film camera, but I've since massively failed in my efforts to use it... a shame as it produces such lovely results! I plan on taking it on all my travels this year: fingers crossed you'll be seeing shots of New York, West Virginia and Paris from my trusty little analog. I'm also debating getting a Polaroid camera... basic I know, but I love the format so much!

Do you guys have any habits you are working towards at the moment? Feel free to share them in the comments, it would be great to hear about what matters to you!


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