Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Getting Through Winter's Lows

No matter what happens, getting through a cold season with limited sunlight is bound to have a negative effect on even the cheeriest of dispositions. Add in all the crap things that have happened this winter, and it's no wonder that so many of us are struggling, whether we'd like to admit to this or not.

Whether it's just winter's icy grip that's holding you down or other issues that are exacerbated by this crappy weather, it feels like there's no better time to run you through what I do to get through a pretty dismal time of year. Let's do this...


Whether it's through a walk outside on your lunch break, from your diet or in supplement form, getting that extra bit o' vit is key at this time of year. Especially prone to vitamin D deficiencies are those that were raised in very sunny climates, so bear this in mind if you were too. Brisk winter walks are also such a nice thing to do of a weekend, so get outside!


I'm as exercise-averse as the next girl, but even I notice a difference when I make the effort to get moving. This week has seen me getting up at 6am to do some gentle yoga to start off my day; this is the routine I chose as I am a total noob with all things yoga and it is a breeze to follow. So often it is implied that we should be working out because we look good, but I think getting some exercise so that you feel good is infinitely more important. The key is to find something you enjoy: for me, that involves Monday nights doing pole fitness in my garage with my bestie (the hilariously eventful process of which ends up on my Snapchat occasionally - byhermirror is my username if you fancy a laugh!)



It takes a lot for us introverts to get our act together and ask someone to do something together, but it especially important at a tough time. So much of our happiness is linked to the strength of our bonds with others, which means that nourishing those bonds ultimately means we're looking after ourselves in the process. Even if it's just a phone call instead of a text, reaching out to those you care about and having a proper catch up can provide such a lift.


Life is tricky enough without setting overambitious expectations for ourselves... I really enjoyed this post from Hayley of 5 Year Memory Blog, which calls out the silly practices we try and push ourselves into with the start of each year. I'm a big advocate of recognising when we are pressurising ourselves negatively and taking a step back to get some clarity. We don't need perfect bodies, homes or diets to be happy. We need a level-headed appreciation for what matters and good people in our lives; the rest are just details.



If low moods are becoming the norm and you are struggling to cope, there is absolutely no shame in looking for professional help to get you back on track again. Whether it's a doctor, counsellor or therapist of some kind is your call, but do remember that no one deserves to feel sh*t on a regular basis. Doing something often is the first step to feeling better; I know from my own experiences that simply the act of asking for help makes me feel I have a little bit more control over things. Please do consider your options if this resonates with you.

What self care practices do you believe in come winter? If you have any tips or advice to share, I would love to hear it in the comment section!


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