Saturday, 4 October 2014

To Do List #2

I just went back to look at my last To Do List, and was very excited to find I could tick off everything on the list... result! I love having little goals to chip away at; every semester at uni I write myself a few things I want to achieve, and it's lovely to look back and realise that I nearly always succeed.

Here are my goals for this semester:
  1. Become majorly nerdy. We're talking going to the library by choice, sitting at the front of lectures, being the one that asks the stupid questions. SWATTING IT UP big style.
  2. Get at least two hours exercise in per week. I miss being a fitness buff and it would be lovely to get back into pole; on a similar vein
  3. Take up yoga and build my core strength. I have basically no core strength whatsoever and this is the part of my fitness I am most wanting to change.
  4. See more of my bros. I've improved from my seriously asocial ways that set in over the summer, but now I'm back at uni there some uni friends who I've majorly missed out on seeing.
  5. Become a homebody. I am terrible at tidying, horrible at housework and interior design is not my scene... yet. My room this year needs a lot of nurturing and I hope I can make the space my own, and one that is not a tip 24/7.
  6. Continue practising my photography. I'd love a new lens but I am also determined to make the most of my current one (Canon 40mm, in case you were wondering.) I feel I've improved but there is always room for more.
I love hearing what other people are working on - so now it's up to you! What goals are you working towards?
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