Tuesday, 17 February 2015

When In... Cambridge

Travelling round France last year on my Year Abroad made me vow to see more of my own native land... This meant I was chuffed when my mum and dad agreed to a day trip to Cambridge on Saturday. I had thought myself an Oxford lover through and through (see my snaps from my trip my girl Josie here) but I have a feeling my allegiance has swapped over now (shock horror!) My only quibble? We happened to go on a very grey and grim Valentine's Saturday. In half term. Ooh la vache...*

This place looked dreamy - naturally, being Valentine's Day, it was packed!

Who doesn't love a drizzly downpour?!

How cute is this pottery?

These flowers were beautiful!

Gorgeous books be lookin' gorgeous

We had a lush time wandering around the art and craft market in All Saints Trinity Garden - the pottery was my favourite, joint first with some beautiful silver jewellery that I would have happily emptied my bank account for! We would have been spoilt for choice for lunch had it not been Valentine's Day - there were some gorgeous looking eateries (Byron Hamburgers looked fab) but we went for tapas in La Tasca, which was delicious and a fair price.

I loved wandering around the little shopping places - Rose Crescent was my favourite street, boasting a Cambridge Satchel Company shop, Kiehl's,  and more, all whilst looking bloody charming. I drooled over art, gorgeous glass and more perfect pottery in Cambridge Contemporary Art - definitely worth a look if modern pieces are your thing.

Next up was the lovely market in the appropriately named Market Hill - I bought a lovely blue & white Polish mug for a friend, it was gorge! Nearby was the biggest TK Maxx I've ever seen; not as glamorous as other places we visited but so worth finding for its excellent shoe and trainer selection.

All in all I had a lovely, lovely day in Cambridge and would definitely recommend a day trip if you get the chance! If you're ever in the UK on holiday, and you're not a diehard Philip Pullman fan, I'd say skip Oxford and head here instead. I'm happy to argue in the comments however ;)

So, have you guys ever visited Cambridge? And do you recommend anywhere else I should go?


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*"Oh the cow"

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