Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Goals For This Spring

It's the most gorgeous time of year and I for one am revelling in the fresh sense of hope and purpose that spring never fails to bring. Things are lookin' gorgeous, summer is on its way and it feels like the perfect time to be reflective and motivated in setting some good ole fashioned goals. Here are the things I'm working on over the next three months or so...


I'm honestly trying to not stress what grades I get, but rather focus on the attitude with which I get them; my logic is that as long as I am proud of how I have worked, the grade is a good one in my eyes. I've only got a few months, deadlines and exams left and then it is goodbye to education for the foreseeable, so one last push is all that stands between me and guilt free downtime.


At present, I have just begun Week Four of the Couch To 5k Podcast (which I started after hearing about it on Siobhan's blog) and while things are getting tougher for a total running noob such as myself, I am seeing huge rewards. My mood is dramatically better, even on days I've not run, and I'm feeling fitter already. The podcast is easy to follow, features some lovely, cheesy songs to keep you going and keeps me on track. I highly recommend.


Recently I've been doing my best to get up earlier and try out the Miracle Morning routine I've heard about in Hal Elrod's interview on The Lively Show and in his book, The Miracle Morning (you can get free chapters here, to see if it's for you!). This morning was my first attempt and while I think I've got a lot to work on, I felt so positive, happy and humbled as I started my day - I'll definitely be trying it again tomorrow!


For those that haven't heard of it, a Project365 involves taking a photo every day for a year. Once I get to halfway, I plan on sharing a post with you on my experience as it's been super challenging but rewarding too; some days are much harder than others, but sometimes things come together wonderfully and it is a great excuse to pick up my camera and get creative each morning.


This is one I'm hoping you guys will be cool with; when not working on essays/exams/not weeping over the end of my degree, my downtime will no doubt go into this space and I'm excited to try some new ideas... I'm thinking of sharing more photography and the odd spontaneous post here and there, to freshen things up for spring. Let me know if you have any thoughts/suggestions on this one!

Those are my goals... what do you guys think? Are there any areas you'll be working on too? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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