Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Blogs That I Love

A.K.A. the beautiful folks chillin' in my Blog Roll!

I am as addicted to finding fab new blogs as the next girl and loved Natalie's call for a bit more blog lovin' up in here, and I'm not just talking about the website.

Buh dum bum tss. Here all week guys.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I take you through my blog roll; be warned, it's about to get a whole lot more talented in this space...

This list is in alphabetical order, just to keep shite logical!

To start off with, it's A Girl And A Beauty Blog, AKA the place where I go if I need to be enabled. Siobhan is a gal with excellent taste, and an equally great sense of humour - definitely a joy to chat with in the comments section! I'm especially into her Sephora recommendations; I am still saving up for my first online haul!

Holly's blog Bloomin' Rouge is stunning, chocka with beautiful photos and great tutorials, as well as a good mix of lifestyle stuff too... One of the most original blogs I follow! She has a great sense of humour too... You'll see that's a recurring theme round these parts ;)

Vanessa is such a babe and easily the funniest blogger in town. Every post on Citron and Guavaberry makes me laugh, and I love the buckets of personality in each post; she truly stands out from the crowd. Plus her photos. The bomb. Dot and com.

The first photography blog I followed, Erstwhile Felicity is one of those blogs I've read start to finish and whose posts I eagerly await! Sonia's photos are simply stunning and really do tell a beautiful story (you're going to want to Pin all of them, I'm warning you now!

My latest photographer love, Helena La Petite's series on mastering the basics of photography is so ridiculously useful, you have no idea; it was the step I needed to push me into finally switching on the Manual setting on my DSLR. It is digital gold, folks - plus her photos? AMAZING.

The lovely blog In A Pavillion is one of my favourite reads and Lilly's photos are so fabulous (if you hadn't guessed already, I am a sucker for beautiful photos!) an eye out for her cracking In Seven Days Around The Web posts - great weekly discoveries well worth reading!

I discovered NoirvĂ© about a month ago and my love was instant and obsessive... She's recently become a full time freelance designer, so if you're interested in a similar path I highly recommend checking her out!

The next in the crew is the wonderful Pale Lily, whose minimalist vibes really calm and inspire me. She's the queen of a gorgeous photo (her style is insanely distinctive) and her mix of lifestyle with the odd smatter of beauty is always hugely engaging.

I've highlighted the great Sarah Nicole Hunt before in my Instagram of the Month post, and I'm about to rave again. She's a photographer and nanny with a talent for film photography, and I regularly go back to her blog just to fall in love all over again.

Last of all is the lovely lady that is Grace of That Grace Girl, who has been one of my faves since I first got into the beauty blogging world. Her photos are fab and I love that she replies to comments, taking a real interest in her readers. She's also got flawless taste; my wishlist doubles with every post!

And there you have it... Please go check out these talented chicas and let me know what you think! They are incredible. Also if you have any recommendations for more blogs you think I'd like, leave them in the comment section below!
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