Saturday, 27 September 2014

September Lifestyle Favourites

I've really enjoyed this month... It's been a bittersweet one as good times were jumbled up with slightly sadder ones... can there be a law against saying goodbye to people? I've also found some great lifestyle favourites this month, that I cannae wait to share with you...

On TV: I've had a phase of watching feel-good comedies this month and Brooklyn 99 was a real hit for me. I'm pretty sure it's made with some of the people who made Parks and Recreaction, so if you love Parks and Rec you'll be into this too I reckon!
On the big screen: My big brother made us all watch The Grand Budapest Hotel and I absolutely loved it. In fact I spent the whole time exclaiming about how French it was, as it's easily as quirky as a good Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.
On my bedside table: My favourite read this month was definitely Chocolat by Joanne HarrisIt's a stunning delicious read... check out this post for more of my thoughts on this and other reads from September!
On my iPod: I am obsessed with this beautiful song by Aux Verba. The CHILLS. The beautiful chills.
On YouTube: Cloudy Apples is amazing and if you've missed out on her funny and insightful videos, I suggest you spend today catching up... She's a babe.
On Bloglovin: How have I only just found Bless The Weather? So gorgeous, so stylish, it's a blog I'm happy to get lost in... Ditto The Dauphine. OH boy do you need to read if you don't already...
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