Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Week In Photos #4

I'm warning you now, this one is going to be longer than usual! Also I am really considering making these a weekly thing... Is that cool with you guys? Do let me know.

The week I am showing you involved a healthy dose of bestie time with my gal Ells (may or may not have filmed a tutorial on her...) a good amount of work which was not photographed and a gorge trip to a fair, church and country house with my momma and her bro Leslie.

Let me retell that story visually for ya:

A rare good liner day must be selfied | Rimmel polish lovin' | These turned into some mega cakes
Ells picking apples | Bloody brill bench this one | Also in Ells' garden
Brush laundry at last | Love me a sky pic | Getting cosy with LM Crème Brûlée

This deck looks much better in B&W | What a hedge | Tried for a complex landscape shot
Oosh | Love me this fountain | Windows are always picturesque
Beautiful church floor | Another gorgeous window | Really lovely church all round!

Scones are now my world | This clock just stopped time for me | My new dining room table
Bulrushes in an allotment as ya do | Just my grand piano, lookin fly | My falconry team
One of my gardens | Found this sink, was weirdly into it | The view from my bed

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