Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Thank You, April

Well hello, hello! Welcome to the second instalment of my latest series, Thank You, in which I run you through some of my favourite links and thoughts from the month and take the time to share what I feel grateful for. It's already shaping up to be something I look forward to writing, so naturally I am beyond eager to talk to you today!


April saw me majorly unplug and take a step back from my online presence and honestly, I'm still working out how I feel about this. In some ways, it was a smart move; I've had a lot on my plate and removing blogging from the equation just meant I could breathe that little bit easier. That said, I really felt lost without my creative outlet and coming back feels so tricky: my internal perfectionist has me convinced I'm a charlatan and I am really trying to block that unhelpful noise out!

So I am trying to ease myself back into the saddle; with just over a month left before my US adventures I can't promise I'll be as active as I would like, but please know that I have no intentions of abandoning you! Incidentally, if you have any requests for videos or posts about my travels (and preparation for my trip) then feel free to let me know and I would love to oblige.


I loved this beautifully open interview (English version here) on Mamanblondie with lovely Eva from House of Smilla. In particular, I admired how she talked about infertility issues, a subject that isn't given enough thought for my liking!

I blasted through the Netflix series Sense8 this month and am so close to sitting down and rewatching the whole thing again. It's been praised for its fantastic and diverse cast as well as its beautiful cinematography; if you're going to watch it, I recommend setting aside an evening to power through a few episodes as it is far more gripping watched marathon-style (a great tip from Srsly).

I really enjoyed Celina of The Celution's post on honesty; this subject is so pertinent to blogging and I thought she made some cracking points.

I also watched To Kill A Mockingbird having loved reading the book last summer and gosh, the feels. My bestie and I sobbed through much of the latter half (but full disclosure: we're big criers.) It's on Netflix and is a fabulous film.

You know by now that I adore Conflicted Beauty and Coline's post on muffin tops cemented my love once more. Honest and fabulous.

Last but not least, I wanted to tell you about a new favourite blog: Jes + Bleu is an online space I can see going really far. In particular, her post on ways to de-stress really struck a chord.


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And last of all... Thank you! Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for your kindness as always... And of course, please hit the comments and share some of your favourite things from this month; I look forward to hearing from you!


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