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TAG: Why do you wear makeup?

The only intro pic I could find!

This post started life as a Youtube video that was so deeply disrupted by one of our lovely cats that I figured I'd just turn my little prompt notes into a blog post and share it with you guys. This is the link to the original ViviannaDoesMakeup video that inspired this, it's an oldie but a goldie!

1) When did you begin loving makeup?
For me, it really has been a lifelong love affair. My first memories of using the stuff involve some deeply bold experimentations with Tammy Girl palettes - the turquoise blusher trend will catch on - and I remember my mum being bemusedly supportive of some of my more out-there looks. All I'm saying is, J Lo was fifteen years late to the yellow lipstick game.
  My favourite makeup adventure isn't actually one I remember but involves one of the sets my parents bought me to keep me busy during our car journey for a holiday to France. Apparently the lady at the ferry saw me, calm as you please, caked in makeup, chilling in the back of the car and was so taken in my skill and charm that we got an immediate upgrade.
  You are welcome, Mum and Dad.
  This wasn't actually a question but I started wearing makeup regularly at about thirteen or fourteen, venturing out with a simple line of brown kohl on the outer corner of my lower lashline and a super light slick of Natural Collection brown-black mascara. I was almost eighteen before my mum stopped tutting at me for wearing black mascara. I realise now she was probably right about that though!

2) How do you feel without makeup?
For the longest time I absolutely hated how I looked without makeup - I'd say from fifteen to about nineteen I was wearing makeup nearly every day. Things actually changed thanks to a mate of mine from my first uni - after hearing him bang on about how cool it was when girls were confident enough to go bear faced I was finally cool with being seen without it, and given how awful my acne was at this point, I'd say this was a pretty big deal. First and second years of uni saw me only ever opening my makeup bag (okay, makeup bags) for nights out and going bare faced as much as I could.
  Things picked up over my amazing summer as an aupair in Germany as the beautiful mum of my host family was just as much of a junkie as I am, and our mutual love of all things beauty and of course her gorgeous little girl really bonded us.
  As a teaching assistant I started out the year feeling like I had to wear a base, but eventually realised I was the only teacher in the whole school wearing foundation and figured there was absolutely no need. I did make the effort (!) to chuck mascara on every day though as I still wanted to feel I was in "work mode".

3) What do you like about makeup?
I used to be all about the creativity and reinvention side of makeup, and while I do still enjoy this I am also aware of a whole host of other reasons for my obsession.
  I really like the bond that makeup gives - it's one of those things we can pretty much all identify with and there's no easier conversation starter for me than "I love your lipstick/nail varnish/blush..." There's some kind of behind-the-scenes glamour that makeup has always held for me that I really love.
  Over recent years I have become much more confident doing other people's makeup and there's no better feeling than knowing you helped one of your friends or loved ones feel beautiful and confident for a nice occasion.

4) Three Holy Grail Products?

  1. The MAC 217 is a brus any makeup lover should own, especially those wanting to up their eyeshadow game. At £18 it is an investment but not one you will regret; there is a reason this has such a cult status!
  2. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is the foundation in my stash that I think will be the most universally adored as I have heard oilier and dry skinned fans alike waxing lyrical on its loveliness. I am combination and for me it is a fool proof winner, that looks best applied with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (another potential HG product). L'Oreal's True Match is meant to be a dupe but as it is a drugstore brand I have found its shade range rather dodgy, whereas my Giorgio choice is always on point.
  3. MAC's Ruby Woo Lipstick. I used it in one of my very first tutorials and I have been head over heels since its purchase last summer. You absolutely need a lip liner with this (and ideally MAC's Lip Prep and Prime) and if you don't like a super matte formula you may have to look elsewhere, but if you are cool with these then you will love this. The ultimate red lip.
I of course tag anyone watching to do this - if you do please leave your post or video link down below!
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