Saturday, 8 November 2014

Food For Thought

Today's post is a rundown of content that I think you should get in on, because it had my little thunkin' cogs all a-whir... Here we go!

The Inescapable Mourning of Days of Past by Scarphelia
Not sure how I've managed to miss out on the gripping coolness of Katie's blog Scarphelia, but better late than never is what the wise woman said. This piece got me thinking back to the first six months or so of first year, which at the time felt like the best six months of my life. Katie really envoked that joy and pain of cherished memories and my goodness, can that girl tell a good yarn.

I Left Social Media for a Week. This is What Happened. from Wit and Delight
Over the past few months I finally realised how reliant I was becoming on social media, and how much I struggled without it. Every moment must be Insta-ed; every Insta must be edited to cr*p. Kate seemed to share my comparing problems with Instagram and I really enjoyed her experimental findings; now to try and do the same myself...

Life's Too Short To Not Just Go For It by Zoe London
I always love reading Zoe's personal pieces; she has a gift for speaking concisely and with clarity, and her words always seem to come from the heart. This piece was beautifully inspiring, a real gift to find in my feed, and I hope it is just as uplifting for you too.

Having Healthy Relationships by Bloomin' Rouge
This post is from August but the message is still one that I come back to regularly. It's safe to say I have been seduced, just as Holly was, into thinking that our friendships and relationships are what defines us, and must be protected and maintained at all costs... I'll let Holly say the rest as she does a far better and more eloquent job than I.

The Lively Show by Jess Lively
I am steadily working my way though the archives of Jess' wonderful podcast and I always feel so uplifted with every listen. The show focuses on personal and occasionally professional development... which sounds dry, but it's essentially interesting and successful people sharing their thoughts and lessons on thriving in the modern world. Kate Arends of Wit and Delight's episode is a lovely, honest listen, while Kris Carter's episode really spreads his optimism and energy... It's wonderful stuff.

I hope you guys check these lovely pieces out, and if you do, feel free to let me know your thoughts, and share with your friends! I think these are some really great brain stimulators.

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