Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My New Approach To Blogging

Good day friends, I hope this post finds you all well! You will have to forgive me for not posting last week; work was bonkers this month and then my body decided to celebrate my first quiet week by getting unexpectedly ill in mid September, not something that has ever happened to me before!

The order of business for today however is my new approach to blogging... As many of you are aware I took a three month (ish) hiatus from this space earlier in the year and used it to get all kinds of reflective about what I wanted the blog to be about.

To that end I've compiled some ideas for my new approach; I do not at all think they should be seen as some kind of blueprint (or worse still, lecture) for anyone reading this, but instead I hope they will serve a form of inspiration for my fellow bloggers.

Let's dive into things, shall we?


I remain equal parts baffled and deeply impressed by bloggers who can produce flawless content multiple times a week... but I am most certainly not that girl. I realised that by pressuring myself to hit publish twice a week, I felt rushed and ended up writing posts I wasn't totally happy with. My new process is to jot a few notes in my trusty blogging notebook, mull over them for a few days and then have a leisurely type up session. At present I've cut back to one written post a week (with the odd video and fun post as and when) and it's suiting me fine.


I've never been someone who is ahead of the curve in any aspect of life and therefore feel it's better I steer clear of trends altogether. There are always certain formats or topics that are "in" at any given time and unless I feel I can add something new, I've decided to try and avoid echoing someone else's style or content. Occasionally the odd coincidence is bound to happen, but I'm finding it a great challenge to try and stick to doing my own thing.


This may be my most ironic point yet, but bear with me... While there's nothing inherently wrong with blogging advice posts, I do think that following someone else's formula for my own online space is counterproductive. We're all different and our blogs should reflect that, and there is no right or perfect way to write a blog. I'm totally happy if this post reads as blog advice that you don't want to follow; if it at least gets you thinking about what defines your blogging approach then I am happy!


I genuinely live in fear of this blog reading as though it's been written by someone who's got herself 100% figured out. I like being able to show my vulnerable goofy old self on here and would rather remain the online equivalent of the class clown than try and present an unrecognisably polished version of my life. I commit to owning up to my booboos, even when I don't come off in the best light!


This one is a pledge that I'd love to make good on... Lately I've been feeling like tweeting and commenting with my blogger buds just isn't enough. I would really love a little circle of chums whom I could just give a call up whenever I want to talk about blogging or succulent purchasing. And to do that I need you! I have an idea for a series that would involve connecting with my blogging friends beyond likes and messages... If you fancy being a part of it, drop me an email at because I would love to hear from you.


My colleagues can attest to the fact I am obsessed with my working being about quality over quantity, even when it puts me in an unproductive limbo! But in all seriousness, the flurry of growth I have seen over the last couple of months hasn't been because I've been commenting mindlessly on a heap of posts, liking everything on Instagram and tweeting in a fury (all acts I was totally guilty of in my blogging infancy. I am not proud.) I've stopped adding my URL to comments, now written solely on friends' posts, and stick instead to making sure each post is as good as I can reasonably expect to make it. No fancy Pinterest strategies or tweet scheduling for me; I just want to feel people are following along for good posts they enjoy reading, that's all!

What do you guys think? Do you have any thoughts on how you approach blogging? Hit me up in the comments below!


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